The Domain Companies and NRG Announce New Craft Brewery and Barbecue Restaurant at The Odeon in Downtown New Orleans
August 31, 2022
The Domain Companies and Neighborhood Restaurant Group (NRG) announce plans to open a ground-breaking new concept to Downtown New Orleans in the fall of 2022 – a brewery, Brewery Saint X, and barbecue restaurant, Devil Moon.

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The Domain Companies and Neighborhood Restaurant Group (NRG) announce plans to open a ground-breaking new concept to Downtown New Orleans in the fall of 2022 – a brewery, Brewery Saint X, and barbecue restaurant, Devil Moon. The concepts will share one expansive space at the corner of Girod and Loyola, on the ground floor of The Odeon at South Market.

Brewery Saint X will feature a full array of craft beer styles, focusing especially on classic German and British offerings, with a nod toward traditional lager brewing and cask ale production along with hop-forward ales and experimental sours. The brewery will be unique in New Orleans, featuring a full craft cocktail bar and curated selection of wines for non-beer aficionados. Devil Moon Barbecue will take inspiration from all the iconic styles of American BBQ while blending in the smoked meat traditions native to South Louisiana. The two concepts will share a kitchen and the connection between the two will allow for an unprecedented and unique experience for those passionate for food and beverage.

New Orleans based, award-winning architecture firm, Bell Butler, artfully designed two decidedly distinctive spaces. The design story for Brewery Saint X is grounded in the longstanding tradition of breweries. Directly inspired by distilleries, the palette is concrete, unlacquered brass, steels and coppers. The bar has a commanding presence with brewery kettles celebrated in the design along with hand-crafted custom furniture and art that emphasizes local artisans.  Devil Moon’s design relays a more humble, familiar narrative. The space was inspired by classic roadside BBQ with an open counter, locally sourced materials and vintage furniture pieces. Brewery Saint X and Devil Moon BBQ are both holistically connected and distinctly unique spaces with authentic and perfectly timeless ambiances.

Brewery Saint X is the brainchild of NRG Beverage Director/Partner Greg Engert and Founder and CEO Michael Babin. “For years, Greg and I, our teams, and our families have been visiting New Orleans for work and for fun—it’s a city that I knew well from growing up in Baton Rouge and Greg was immediately attracted to the local beer scene” says Babin.  “I think we were 30 minutes into our first visit, on our second Sazerac, when we started to think of ways to create an exciting culinary concept and beverage offering here.  We’re glad we finally figured it out.”

For Greg, Brewery Saint X carries a brewing mission that he’s been working towards for many years. “When I started my career in craft beer twenty years ago, I was drawn not only to the innovative spirit of brewing, but also to its history. While we’re excited to showcase a wide array of styles at Saint X, it’s the classics that we’re most interested in honoring.”

Ro Guenzel, Director of Brewing Operations, has designed the brewery to support this mission. Saint X’s brewing program allows for decoction mashing, open fermentation, long lagering times and krausening for natural carbonation, all techniques that encourage flavor complexity coupled with remarkable drinkability. Through careful ingredient selection, Saint X will maximize flavor nuance. In addition to hop sourcing from the Pacific Northwest and the Southern Hemisphere, the brewing team will showcase singular German hops in classic lager styles. Careful incorporation of small batch, American craft malts from Virginia and North Carolina will bring sustainable ideals and impressive flavors to a host of the offerings as well. Brewery Saint X will pour no fewer than 12 drafts and 2 casks for on-site enjoyment, along with a selection of freshly canned beer available to-go. Its state-of-the-art draft and cask system will ensure that all beers are served at the proper temperature and with proper texture; in addition to the traditional hand-pump cask system for dispensing real ale, Czech-style side-pull faucets will be utilized to best express the creamy softness of great lager beer.

In Devil Moon Barbecue’s adjoining space, award-winning Chef and Pitmaster Shannon Bingham will pull from all of the great US barbecue traditions while also celebrating the Cajun smokehouse traditions of South Louisiana. Patrons can expect to find classic Texas-style brisket and Carolina-style pulled pork, along with many Louisiana specialties.  Bingham, known for his work at the famous Blue Oak BBQ, Emmylou’s, Buttermilk, and more, has worked with some of the most acclaimed pitmasters from Texas, the Carolina’s, and beyond, and has won multiple awards—including Grand Champion—at Hogs for the Cause.  “Barbecue is one of the great American contributions to the food world, and different regions and cities have carved their own niches within the genre.  Rather than taking a purist’s approach to a single style, our focus will be on blending traditions and mixing and matching techniques and ingredients, all in the name of making something delicious and memorable.”

Bingham will also helm the kitchen of Brewery Saint X, and he plans to utilize Devil Moon’s smokehouse to give the brewery’s menu a distinct direction. “With so many smoked meats to work with, Saint X’s patrons will benefit from the shared kitchen,” says Bingham, “and the menu will showcase ingredients through the lens of Southern, and specifically New Orleanian, cuisine, with the goal of providing the perfect counterpart for the beers, wines, and cocktails.”

”The project is the first collaboration between NRG and Domain. Domain is the most active developer and operator of mixed-use properties in downtown New Orleans and has developed and operates local destinations including Bar Marilou, Josephine Estelle and Seaworthy. “We were instantly impressed by Michael and his team. Their restaurants are simply incredible, and their team is among the best in the industry” said Domain CEO Matt Schwartz”.  “From the beautiful space to the unique beverage program and incredible food – St. X and Devil moon will be a great addition to South Market and Downtown.  They’ll be an instant destination for locals and visitors alike”.

Chef Bingham and the Devil Moon team will host a series of pop-ups in the parking lot directly adjacent to The Odeon, which will coincide with Saints game days, and will kick off with LSU’s opener on September 4 from 12 – 5:30PM CT.  “We are officially opening in the fall” says Bingham, “but we didn’t want to miss the opportunities to celebrate and introduce our barbecue with fans and the local community. Stay tuned for an unveiling soon!”


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