Q Clothier & Rye 51 Set to Open November 2019

Two men’s clothing retailers are coming to the South Market neighborhood this fall. Q Clothier and Rye 51, retailers under the parent company, Q51 are expanding to New Orleans with their ninth location. With a focus on creating a well-curated shopping experience for men, Q Clothier will specialize in custom-made men’s clothing while also offering a selection of ready-to-wear tailored pieces and accessories. Its counterpart, Rye 51 will offer an assortment of small-batch men’s casual clothing.

The Q Clothier experience begins when patrons schedule a fitting. The initial consultation includes fabric selection, garment design, and a proprietary measurement process with a seasoned clothier who serves as a personal clothing concierge. After 4-6 weeks, clients are invited back for a final fitting to try their garments and to make note of any adjustments. Once the pattern profile is established, it is kept on file for easy reordering.

Customers looking for a more casual shopping experience can visit Rye 51, which will be situated directly next to Q Clothier and offer small-batch styles of polo shirts, knits, tees, pants, denim, outerwear, and more.

Q Clothier and Rye 51 will open in November 2019 inside of The Standard at South Market along O’Keefe Avenue. It will join the newly-opened Otra Vez restaurant, Fidelity Bank, and Eustis Mortgage.

“We’re excited to announce our next location in Downtown New Orleans’ South Market,” said Raja Ratan, founder and owner of Q51. “I have always loved the city for its culture, food, and most of all, its people. We feel it is the perfect location for our Q Clothier and Rye 51 brands.”

We’re happy to welcome these exciting new men’s clothing retailers as they ease and enhance the shopping experience for men in South Market, Downtown New Orleans, and beyond.

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