Employee Spotlight: Mary McCullough, Community Engagement Manager

Mary McCullough joined Domain as the company’s first Community Engagement Manager in 2015. Since arriving at the company, she has re-developed Domain’s MyCommunity program and partnerships.

Why Domain?

“I spent my entire career in nonprofits and education. When I decided to transition into the private sector, I was looking for a company with a strong sense of social responsibility. Domain’s focus on improving lives and livelihoods in the communities in which they build and their corporate philanthropy program impressed me. I knew that my interests in private-public partnerships, social justice and community renewal would be a great fit at Domain.”

What’s your average day like?
“In community engagement, everyday is different. The days see me meeting with local nonprofits to see how we can support them or to see if there are services that we can broker on behalf of our residents. I manage employee volunteerism: both small group volunteer opportunities and large scale regional projects. Each day is different and offers something exciting and gratifying.”

If you could describe working at Domain in three words…
“Progressive, Rewarding, Fun”

What’s something that you can’t get through your day without? 

“My Microsoft Outlook calendar”

If you were to binge a Netflix show, what would it be?

“House of Cards”

What’s one interesting thing in your office?

“I have a framed poster from the Vatican Exhibit at the 1984 New Orleans World Fair”

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
“The revamping of Domain’s MyCommunity program in Louisiana.  Streamlining and strengthening our nonprofit partnerships with local organizations doing great work in our community. To see these relationships stronger, and Domain’s impact in the community grow larger, has been fantastic!”