Employee Spotlight: Terri Torres, Leasing Specialist

Terri Torres has been with Domain for more than two years. On February 10th, she’ll become the Leasing Specialist at Domain’s newest property, The Beacon at South Market.

Why Domain?

“I chose Domain because this is a company I can expand my career with.  Also, when I first heard about the 4 core values, which are: Invest in our team, seek excellence and innovation, improve lives and livelihoods, and enhance communities, I knew right then and there that this is exactly where I needed to be.”

What can you not get through a day at work without?

“My coffee, my notebook, and an organized desk.”

What’s your favorite thing about working at Domain?

“My favorite thing about working at Domain is that this company gives back to the community. Each time someone moves in and renews their lease the company takes $25 of its profit and donates it to a non-profit.  This has to be my favorite part during the lease signing process.  Our residents enjoy hearing that The Domain Companies gives back, and they feel like they are giving back too!”

What’s your average day like?

“I start my mornings making coffee and cookies for residents and prospects, and knowing what my daily tasks are for the day. Then after that it’s hard to predict.  There is always something going on which makes my job exciting and busy.  The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that I’m helping someone find a home.  Whether it’s short term or long term, it’s their home and that in itself is very rewarding.  Everyone I meet is different and has a story.  I get to be a chapter in their life from the time they tour and throughout their stay at the property.  I am the first person people see when they walk in the door, so I am the go-to person for everything.  I love being a leasing specialist!”

What’s your Favorite Movie?

“War Room”

If you could describe working at Domain in three words, what would they be?

“Challenging, Gratifying, and Cultural.”

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

“Having my 13 month old son Bradley.  He is the best achievement I could ever ask for!”

What’s one interesting thing in your office?

“I have an elephant statue behind my desk. It’s facing away from the door because that’s supposed to help bring money into the office!”

What are you most excited for at The Beacon?
“I am overjoyed that I get the opportunity to be a part of Domain’s newest addition.  I can’t wait to do a lease-up and do the job that I do on daily basis there.”

You have a connection to Beacon already, right?
“Yes, my husband’s company has been the one working on the metal framing and sheetrock. It’s pretty cool!”