Supporting Our Resident Families

Family Night In is a monthly resident service The Domain Companies provides for children and their parents or guardians in New Orleans. These monthly services promote togetherness and familial bonding through various activities.

“Family Nights are always a pleasure to organize and participate in,” said Rachael Bissell, Domain’s Resident Services Coordinator. “We aim for fun activities in the evenings, so residents have time to get home from work and school.”

The two most successful Family Night Ins are Board Game Night and Movie Night. Game Night focuses on classic board games for children. Domain provides the games and refreshments for an easy, stress-free evening meant to be enjoyed as family. The parents enjoy playing the games they were raised on with their own children.

“It’s always fun to see families and children of all different ages enjoying these events,” said Nicole Langlinais, Property Manager at The Preserve in Mid-City New Orleans. “We mixed video games in with the board games on the first month school was out and it was a huge hit!”

Movie Night features everything to enjoy a film: candy, fresh-popped movie popcorn, and a feature film. Recent releases of popular children’s movies are always a crowd favorite. Family Nights like these go to the very core of Domain’s community development philosophy. We strive to enhance our communities by providing engaging activities for residents of all ages.