Comiskey Playground Revitalization

Comiskey Playground, a neighborhood playground operated by the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC) and home to an array of after-school programming, had fallen into disrepair post-Hurricane Katrina. Domain employees equipped the playground with new lighting and taped/re-striped the faded basketball court. The playground shelter’s exterior and interior were painted in Comiskey’s team colors of blue and yellow, including bathrooms, kitchen, supply closets, and team rooms.

“We are so delighted when a corporation takes interest in recreation because they understand its impact on a city’s quality of life. The difference with Domain is that they leverage everything they can for the good of the community,” said Annie LaRock, Executive Director for NORDC, “They set their sights on beautifying Comiskey, with transformative results. The whole Domain team showed up for the day, led by their talented maintenance folks. Domain is a great company, and we are very proud to be a recipient of their team’s good will and great work.”