Experience a new city with Domain’s Flexible Living Program

As the pandemic has sent employees across the world to work from home, are you enjoying a newfound freedom to work remotely and independently? Have you considered discovering a new city to work and live in now that you have more flexibility?

If you’re working remotely and looking to experience another city, Domain invites you to explore living across our portfolio under ONE agreement!

Domain introduces its new Flexible Living Program where you can enjoy living at our affiliated properties in Brooklyn, Salt Lake City, and New Orleans.

Our properties are well-equipped to be your next home with furnished apartments, complimentary utilities, and a full suite of amenities perfectly suited for working remotely. We simply require 30-days’ notice to end your stay at any time during the lease term, and you can move around our properties as long as we have availability.

To learn more about our Flexible Living Program or luxury apartment communities Eleven33 in Brooklyn, New York, Mya and The Avia in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Beacon and The Paramount in New Orleans, LA, email FlexibleLiving@thedomaincos.com or call 718.395.4602.

We look forward to having you!