Domain has partnered with EdNavigator, an educational consulting nonprofit, to offer New Orleans residents and employees the opportunity to help their children find a path to success in school and beyond.

Employees and residents are assigned a private “Navigator” – professionals in the education field with years of experience working as educational policy and data experts, teachers, principals, and counselors. They have helped New Orleans families navigate the difficult, and often confusing, school and education system post-Hurricane Katrina. Navigators provide guidance, support, advocation, and expert advice. They champion the right of all families to an excellent education.

Once assigned a Navigator, our residents and employees can ask any and all questions related to their child’s education. Families work one-on-one with their Navigator to create a plan for success.  Navigators meet with parents in person, coming to their homes and offices.

Navigators assist parents in filling out enrollment paperwork for a new school; attending parent/teacher conferences on behalf of or with the parent; answering questions about discipline and academic performance; deciphering a report card; or researching college programs. They also help parents find programs for special needs students; access early childhood education programs; or help an adult return to school.

“Our Navigator has been a game-changer for my family. The identification of programs and resources, support at conferences, and being there to keep us on track with our education goals has been terrific. Working for a company that supports not only me as an employee but my family as well makes me grateful and proud.” – Mary McCullough, Domain employee